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What Is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is a process of tooth-coloured composite resin on the teeth. The resin is moulded and smoothed to match your surrounding teeth, improving your smile instantly. They help to conceal discolorations, restore decayed teeth, fill minor gaps, and correct crooked teeth and brighten your smile! At Cambridge Dental we use state-of-the-art high aesthetic composite to help cover any damage on your tooth/teeth.

What is composite bonding perfect for?

Closing gaps between teeth

Correcting tooth shape

Correction of tooth size

Cracked, chipped or broken tooth correction

Complete smile makeovers

Tooth colour improvement

Restoration of worn-down teeth

Restoration of decaying teeth

Correcting slight tooth misalignment

Why Composite Bonding?

There are many ways to get stunning results for your smile and composite bonding may be the perfect choice for you. This ever popular treatment will leave you with stunning results and a smile you will be proud of. aesthetic composite to help cover any damage on your tooth/teeth.

Benefits Of Composite Bonding


Have your gap closed or your chipped tooth fixed in one sitting.


No complicated treatment plans, no waiting times, and no multiple appointments.

Finest Materials

We only use the best materials available in the market designed for high-end cosmetic dentistry.


The failure rate of composite bonding is remarkably low and easy to fix.

Beautiful Looking

The aesthetic results of cosmetic bonding are optimal, and it is virtually unnoticeable to others.


The best way to find out if this treatment is suitable for you is to book
a free consultation with out cosmetic dental team lead by Dr Amiras
and Dr Dipali. They will be able to advise you of the bonding and
advise you on the results you are after.

The cost of cosmetic teeth bonding will vary based on the work and material needed. During your consultation, the cosmetic team will thoroughly examine your teeth, discuss your desired treatment outcome, and provide you with a plan and a quote you can take home and think over. We’re happy to provide finance options if you’re looking to spread the payments of your treatment.

The two go hand in hand and work well together giving you some amazing results. Teeth whitening should come first out of the treatments. As the composite bonding will be matched to the colour of your teeth. The composite will not be affected by the whitening, which is why it should be done after you have achieved your desired shade.


Excellent from start to finish. I contacted Dr Kish Patel having seen some of his work online. He responded immediately, set up a free video consultation for that evening and then invited me in for my first consultation. The admin team provided excellent customer service throughout and Dr Patel's treatment was delivered flawlessly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him or the practice.

I had such a good experience at Cambridge Dental! I'm usually very nervous for the dentist and have had a bad experience in the past at my old dentist, but I felt much better coming here! All the staff are so professional and nice. The building and rooms are so clean and the waiting room is lovely. I had Geeta has my dentist with Emily and they were both lovely! They kept making sure I was okay and clearly explained everything they were doing. Would highly recommend!

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