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Fees at Cambridge Dental


at Cambridge Dental, we aim to offer you not only the highest level of care, but also excellent value for money. We have the flexibility to devote the optimum clinical time to suit each individual need and the range of our fees reflects this. This page contains what you might need to know about the way we approach fees and payments. For a full listing of our current fees, click here.

Same day emergencies appointments available

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What we charge you for

As a private practice, we have to charge you the total cost of your dental care. Our advice and treatment charges include staff, equipment, materials, training and laboratory costs. If we are planning treatment or giving you information rather than treating you, we calculate these charges at a lower, administrative rate.

New patients

If you're a new patient and need urgent attention, we'll offer you an introductory appointment. This is a fixed fee appointment that will treat the cause of pain within the appointment time.  If further treatment is necessary, this will be discussed with you and an estimate provided.

Consultation appointments

When you consult us for a check-up or assessment it's often unclear what treatment you'll need - perhaps you're a new patient, or we haven't seen you for a while, or you're in pain but we don't know in advance what the problem is. We will charge you a fixed fee for the type of appointment, but if investigations such as x-rays or immediate treatment is required these will be charged separately. 

Treatment appointments

For appointments that have been made for a particular treatment such as a filling, we usually know the costs involved. In this case, we're able to charge a fixed fee and can tell you this in advance when you book your treatment. We provide written estimates for all treatments; for our scale of fees click here.

Broken appointments

If you break or cancel your appointment we have to charge you a fee unless we can use the time for another patient. However we do accept that missed appointments are often beyond reasonable control and in this event we try to be sympathetic. For very long or complex appointments and for new patients, we'll charge an advance fee; if you then miss an appointment that part of your advance fee may not be refundable.

Emergency appointments

Emergency appointments seen during normal surgery hours are charged at our usual rate.

Out of hours emergencies are charged at £155. This fee covers the appointment, x-rays, diagnosis, treatment plan, and any restorative treatment that can be completed within the half hour time frame. 

If you are on our Oral Health Membership Plan, you don't pay any emergency call-out fees, only normal treatment fees.

Payment and outstanding accounts

Payment is due on the day you have your treatment, except in exceptional circumstances that you have agreed in advance with us. An administration charge will be levied on accounts which are outstanding after 30 days.

We've introduced payment choices to help you meet your individual budgeting needs. Do speak to our reception staff, who are trained to arrange the best option for your needs without compromising your dental care.

Discount available for students

Cambridge Dental is proud to offer students a discount on their dental care whilst attending universities locally. If you are a student, contact us to discuss how our student discount scheme works

Spreading payments for treatment

For all planned treatments - those that don't fall under the heading of screening, preventive, or emergency dentistry - we can arrange for you to pay in instalments or through a finance package tailored to your needs.

Our Oral Health Membership Plan

When it comes to payments for routine care, we know from listening to your comments that it is helpful for you to know in advance exactly what the cost of these services is. Many of you prefer to make regular small payments through the year rather than paying for each appointment at the time.

Our Oral Health Membership Plan spreads the cost of all routine checkups and hygiene visits. It covers your regular visits, plus you get priority appointments, no call-out fees for out-of-hours emergencies, and worldwide accident and emergency dental cover. Regular attendance for routine care reduces the need for, and improves the outcome of, any dental treatment; we recognise this by giving all subscribers a valuable 10% discount off treatment fees.

Finance available to UK residents aged 18 and over. Credit subject to status.

Fees for planned treatment are calculated on an individual basis according to the complexity of the work and the time allocated for treatment and are payable in instalments at the end of each visit or stage.  For courses of treatment requiring multiple appointments, we routinely provide a written estimate of charges. 

A 24 hour notice period is required for cancellation of appointments excluding appointments on a Monday, for these we require 48 hour' notice. Any cancellations made within these time frames will be charged at 50% of the full appointment rate. However, we do accept that missed appointments are often beyond reasonable control and in this event we do try to be sympathetic.

These fees are guidelines only.
New Patients
New Patient Examination Inc. Xrays
£70.00 Special Offer *Usually £119.00*
New Patient Child Examination (up to 18 years)
Emergency appointment (surgery hours)
Routine Adult Examination
Routine Child Examination (Up to 18years)
Routine Hygiene
Routine child hygiene (Up to 18 years)
Intra Oral-xrays
£12.00 each
Panoral x-ray
Periodontal assessment
Periodontal review
White fillings
from £120.00 to £368.00
per crown from £645.00 to £995.00
from £120.00 to £247.00 per tooth
Root Canal treatment
from £464.00 to £773.00
from £705.00 to £850.00
Invisalign consultation
Invisalign Lite
from £2193.00 to £4212.00
Tooth whitening
from £399.00 to £749.00
from £2740.00 per implant
Periodontal treatment
£325.00 per quadrant
Facial Aesthetics:
from £180.00
from £250.00