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New patients at Cambridge Dental

Welcome to Cambridge Dental

We want to make the process of changing your dentist as easy as possible. at Cambridge Dental, it is our priority to ensure that all new patients feel comfortable and welcome. We are a very patient-centred practice and are proud to offer a personalised service to each individual, taking care to ensure your experience is the best it can be.

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Dental Emergency?

Have a dental emergency, but are not yet registered with us? Not a problem. Take a look at our Emergency page for more details.

Cambridge Dental: You're in safe hands

Our patient-centred practice is built around you and your needs. We believe in preventative treatments and the maintenance of your oral health to ensure that you need as little medical treatment as possible. Should a problem arise, Cambridge Dental is proud to provide only the highest quality, long-lasting treatments available.

Alongside maintaining and improving your oral health, we also believe in helping you to look as good as you feel. That's why we offer Cosmetic Dentistry and are pioneers in the field of Facial Aesthetics.

When you arrive for your first appointment, we will make sure there's enough time for a proper introduction to the practice, and to the members of the Cambridge Dental team that will be treating you.

Get a clear picture of your oral health

Once you're comfortable with your surroundings, we'll carry out a thorough examination of your mouth. We'll perform the necessary diagnostic tests to give you a clear picture of your current condition, outlining any problems you may be having.

It is also standard practice for us to discuss and advise upon the maintenance of your oral hygiene in every consultation. We believe in preventative dentistry, and by focusing on your oral hygiene we can put a stop to any serious issues from arising in the future

We'll give you a written report of what we've found, together with the options available to you, should you need treatment. To find out more about our approach click here.

First-time appointment fee

As you're a first-time patient, we ask you to give us a booking deposit beforehand to reserve your appointment slot. The deposit required will be the cost of the initial appointment.

Do you offer a Student Discount?

We certainly do. Students can have 10% off any treatment excluding routine examinations, hygiene consultations, x-rays and laboratory work.

Our terms and conditions

We intend to always be clear and consistent about how the practice operates. The rules and regulations are outlined in detail, in our terms and conditions. We will ask you to sign a copy of these at your first appointment. You can read them here first if you wish.