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A beautiful smile can go a long way to brighten up someone’s day and make them confident. Because of this, people go through procedures to achieve that beautiful smile. That perfect smile can be achieved through smile makeover. You may look into a smile makeover for varying reasons, based on the individual. However, our dentists at Cambridge Dental in Cambridge will take into consideration some factors like skin tone, colour of hair, and even facial appearance., our cosmetic dentists will work with you to improve your smile.


The clear solution for straightening your teeth in cambridge. Invisalign are clear, hidden and removable, we offer affordable teeth straightening at Cambridge Dental to give you the best and fastest results possible. We can treat naturally straighter smiles in a matter of months using virtually invisible and discreet braces with Invisalign. A modern high tech solution to straighten your smile.

Teeth Whitening

If you are looking for a whiter, brighter smile with a dentist you can trust then Cambridge dental can design the perfect solution. We have 2 whitening options for you to choose from. Our dentist will advise which one best fits your lifestyle and needs. Both systems are are market leaders within the dental professional whitening industry and can help you achieve exactly the level of whiteness that you would like.

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is aesthetically used, to correct dental imperfections by building on and enhancing your natural teeth. It's also a less invasive process and can be completed in just one appointment.


If you have teeth that are discoloured, uneven, or unattractive, dental veneers can be used to drastically improve your smile giving you a boost of confidence If a patient has discoloured, uneven, or unattractive looking teeth, porcelain veneers can be used to drastically improve the appearance of their smile. Porcelain veneers can be fitted in as few as one or two pain-free appointments. The number of veneers you have fitted will depend on the present state of your teeth and the aesthetic result you are looking for. We have created lots of amazing smiles using the latest digital technology providing fast and easy solutions to restore and improve your teeth.

How Our Smile Makeover Process Works

Step One

At your consultation we will listen to your needs and take into consideration everything. We can create predictable bespoke smile improvements that are unique and suitable for your face and your personality.

Step Two

We will start the designed treatment or treatments as required and start the design plan for your treatments. You will be able to ask any questions you desire.

Step Three

Finally, you will have your beautiful smile This is a fantastic process that uses innovative digital technology to produce a new smile. You now have a smile you have always imagined you would like and now have.


Excellent from start to finish. I contacted Dr Kish Patel having seen some of his work online. He responded immediately, set up a free video consultation for that evening and then invited me in for my first consultation. The admin team provided excellent customer service throughout and Dr Patel's treatment was delivered flawlessly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him or the practice.

I had such a good experience at Cambridge Dental! I'm usually very nervous for the dentist and have had a bad experience in the past at my old dentist, but I felt much better coming here! All the staff are so professional and nice. The building and rooms are so clean and the waiting room is lovely. I had Geeta has my dentist with Emily and they were both lovely! They kept making sure I was okay and clearly explained everything they were doing. Would highly recommend!

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