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Tooth Extraction at Cambridge Dental

Why might I need a tooth extraction?

Although we always do our best to repair any dental damage you may have, a tooth extraction is sometimes necessary. There are various issues which can lead to this, such as gum disease, tooth decay, broken or fractured teeth, infection or perhaps some other irregularity within the mouth.

Tooth extraction can put a stop a dental issue before it becomes unmanageable.

Wisdom Tooth extraction

Why might I need my wisdom tooth removed?

One of the most common reasons for tooth extraction is because of difficulty with a Wisdom tooth. While many people's Wisdom teeth never actually break through the surface of the gums, they can sometimes present themselves in the form of an infection or an abscess.

These infections can be extremely uncomfortable and can make eating and drinking very difficult. In some cases. the best thing to do is to just remove the tooth, as this allows the irritated area to heal and stops any chance of the infection repeating.

How do I know a tooth extraction is the right thing to do?

at Cambridge Dental we are meticulous when it comes to diagnosing the right treatment for you. Your dentist will examine the area thoroughly and if necessary, they may take a CT scan of your mouth. A CT scan will allow your dentist to see the roots of your teeth, review any unseen damage and assess levels of decay. They will then use this information to make a well-informed decision as to whether your wisdom tooth needs removing or not.

The removal of a Wisdom tooth is a very common procedure that our team have come across many times, so you're in safe hands.

Is tooth extraction painful?

Though tooth extraction is often seen as a fairly daunting process, It is actually much more common than you might think and relatively painless. Rest assured that our dentists are highly skilled and patient-centred. We endeavour to create a comfortable environment for you and we'll ensure that your treatment is as pleasant and pain-free as possible.

Feeling nervous?

at Cambridge Dental we understand that procedures such as this can make some patients feel anxious. To relieve any uncertainty, we will have an in-depth conversation with you before your treatment, making sure to answer any questions you may have. Together, we will walk through the entire process and ensure that you're as comfortable as possible.

We would have an in-depth conversation with you before the procedure to ensure that any questions you may have are answered.

How long will it take to heal?

While the procedure itself is fairly straightforward, the treatment site will require an attentive after-care routine to ensure that it heals well. This involves rest and gentle care of the treatment site, avoiding certain foods, and ensuring that you aggravate the area as little as possible.

You will also be advised to take analgesics postoperatively, in the form of anti-inflammatory tablets and paracetamol.

Recovery time can be relatively quick, taking around one to two weeks.

Do you offer a Student Discount?

We certainly do. Students can have 10% off any treatment excluding routine examinations, hygiene consultations, x-rays and laboratory work.

If you have any further questions regarding tooth extraction or you'd just like to make an appointment then please call us on 01223 461381.