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A dental bridge is an appliance that is constructed to replace a missing tooth or teeth. The false tooth, or teeth, are attached to a tooth, or teeth on either side of the gap.

The advantage of such an appliance is that it is fixed in the mouth, unlike a denture. The false tooth does require the support of adjacent teeth, however, so the adjacent teeth do need to be drilled and shaped to accommodate the crown-like structure that shall be placed on it.

It will look aesthetically pleasing and will be able to allow you to resume your normal function when it comes to eating, as well as improving the way your smile looks.


No, the false tooth is attached to the adjacent teeth and, once placed, will stay in your mouth, unlike a denture.

To replace the missing tooth with a false tooth by way of a bridge, it is important that there are strong adjacent teeth. If the teeth on either side are also missing, or not strong enough to offer support, a bridge may not be suited to the space. There are other options open to you to close the gap, which your dentist can advise you about.

There are three options to close a gap left by a missing tooth.

Bridges are favourable because they are fixed in your mouth, however they do require the support of adjacent teeth and in order to offer this support, we do shape, and takeaway otherwise healthy tooth structure.

Dentures are much more conservative but they are removable, which some patients may not favour. They will be bale to fill large areas of missing teeth very easily and can be aesthetically pleasing.
Implants, tend to be the most costly, but they are the closest thing to your natural tooth in terms of their functionality. They are fixed, unlike dentures, and do not need the support of adjacent teeth, unlike bridges.

Your dentist will advise you on the best option suited to your mouth and budget.


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