Dentures are a great way of replacing missing teeth, especially when a bridge or implant may not be suited to the space.

Advances in technology and materials means that dentures are no longer limited to the use of traditional plastic or acrylic. Innovations in areas like implants have also improved the way we can help dentures stay in.

They can be made to mimic the appearance of your natural teeth, both the ones you have and the ones you lost – we can introduce gaps and minor discrepancies if you wish to make them look as natural and characteristic as you like.

They can also help support the soft tissues of the face, and restore your appearance when the natural facial volume has been lost due to missing teeth.


A well-designed denture should not fall out of your mouth. However, they do rely on support from structures in your mouth, and if there is inadequate support, then it may be necessary to support them with implants, upon which they can clip.

Not if you don’t tell them! We can make them look as natural as you like, from the way the teeth are set-up, to their colour and shape.

Its best to discuss your options with your dentist. We can identify the reason you are uncomfortable with your denture and offer you a treatment solution that will help overcome that discomfort. It could be an alternative gap replacement solution like a bridge or an implant, or it could be placing implants to help attach your denture to, to make it more stable.


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