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Composite Bonding

We can change the shape, colour and appearance of your teeth by bonding composite to them in one single visit.

Composite bonding is the process of applying tooth-coloured filling material to the teeth to alter their shape, size and colour.

The composite can be added to the whole front surface of the tooth, also known as a composite veneers. It can also just be added to the edges, known as edge bonding, to make the teeth look more uniform in appearance, cover up tooth wear or repair chips and imperfections.

It is suitable for:
– Repairing chipped teeth
– Covering up stains or blemishes
– covering up crack lines
– Rebuilding teeth that have worn down
– Improving the general appearance of teeth

It is a simple procedure that can most often be done without the need for drilling or injections, and usually only requires a single visit to complete.


If you are having it as a standalone treatment, without Invisalign, it only takes one appointment after the initial consultation.

This is dependent upon many lifestyle factors and it will need maintenance or replacement in the long-term. Composite veneers tend to last 5 years and edge bonding between 5-7 years. It is advisable to have it polished annually to help it maintain its appearance for as long as possible.

There is not but we do recommend it is done in even numbers to maintain symmetry and achieve the best results. We tend to build up 6-10 teeth for optimal results.

We do recommend having them straightened first if there are issues with the alignment. In most cases, we will whiten the teeth first so that they are a brighter, more even colour throughout, correcting colour discrepancies between individual teeth. It is advisable to have a consultation first so they dentist can best advise you on how to achieve your perfect smile.


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