Consent For Immediate Dentures

Immediate Denture Consent and Advice

An immediate denture is one that is fitted on the day or soon after the day of extractions. After extractions, gums shrink and change shape for up to the next 6 months.

Generally they are far bulkier than the ideal, because they have to accommodate for the initial larger size of the tissues before they shrink. This can take quite some getting used to. Also, the initial retention of the denture will be poor because the gums are still changing shape and the mouth muscles will still be learning how to control the new denture. The fit will often continue to deteriorate for around three months, as the gums continue to shrink back. During this time the denture can be kept in place with a denture fixative if necessary.

You must understand that your immediate denture can only be considered a temporary option for the first six months after extractions, and after this period of time a new denture will be required.

This will be chargeable as a separate item – the dentist will provide you with a costing.

I agree to the treatment and agree to the implications of an immediate denture(s).

INFORMED CONSENT: I have been given the opportunity to ask any and all questions regarding the nature and purpose of immediate denture(s) and have received all answers to my satisfaction. I voluntarily assume any and all possible risks, including risk of substantial harm, if any, which may be associated with any phase of this treatment in hopes of obtaining the desired results, which may or may not be achieved. No guarantees or promises have been made to me concerning the results. The fee(s) for these services have been explained to me and are satisfactory. By signing this form, I am freely giving my consent to allow and authorise my Dentist to render any treatment deemed necessary, desirable, and/or advisable to me, including the administration and/or prescribing of any anaesthetics and/or medications.