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At Cambridge Dental we want the essentials of dentistry to be available to everyone. A Denplan subscription allows you to easily budget for the oral health of you and your family, replacing unexpected dental bills with manageable monthly payments.

What Can Denplan Essentials Cover

Denplan Essentials is here to promote preventative care. As such, your plan will ensure that the foundations of your dental health are taken care of, covering routine check-ups and visits to the Hygienist. Should you require further routine treatment, a discount will be applied. We also offer Family Group Discounts and optional Denplan Supplementary Insurance (T&Cs apply).

We have a range of plans available; you can discuss the right plan for you with your dentist. The category you are allocated is based on your oral health and how much dental treatment you will need.

How much does each Denplan scheme cost

Band ABand BBand C
1 Examination per year2 Examinations per year2 Examinations per year
1 Hygiene visit per year2 Hygiene visit per year4 Hygiene visit per year
2 X-rays and 10% discount on routine private fees2 X-rays and 10% discount on routine private fees2 X-rays and 10% discount on routine private fees
Optional Denplan Supplementary Insurance*Optional Denplan Supplementary Insurance*Optional Denplan Supplementary Insurance*

Denplan For Children

We believe that promoting a good dental care routine from a young age is imperative to your child’s overall health. We now offer a plan specifically for your children to encourage this.

Band ABand B
£7.50 per month
£1.73 per week
£0.25 per day
£15.00 per month
£3.46 per week
£0.49 per day
1 Examination per year2 Examinations per year
1 Hygiene visit per year2 Hygiene visit per year
X-rays includedX-rays included
10% discount on Private Fees10% discount on Private Fees

What can I save with Denplan Essentials

Treatment Private Cost Denplan Essentials
Routine Examination £70.00 Included
Hygiene Appointment £86.00 Included
Dental X-Rays  From £12.00 Included
Intra Oral X-Ray  From £12.00 Included
White Fillings  From £120.00 10% Discount
Extractions From £165.00 10% Discount
Root Canal Treatment  From £500.00 10% Discount
Crowns (Per Unit) From £863.00 10% Discount
Dentures From £750.00 10% Discount
Emergency Appointments £70.00 10% Discount

Denplan Supplementary Insurance

With a Denplan Essentials payment plan, you will have access to our optional Denplan Supplementary Insurance. This will provide you with extra benefits and protection, should you fall prey to a dental emergency or an unexpected dental injury.

Denplan Supplementary insurance is of course, optional. If you’d prefer not to include it, 60p will be deducted from your monthly fee (T&Cs apply).

Take a look at the Denplan website for details of what Denplan Supplementary Insurance covers.

Please refer to the Denplan Supplementary Insurance policy document for an in-depth explanation of the benefits, limitations and exclusions of the cover.

Family Discounts With Denplan

Your whole family can benefit from a Denplan scheme; the more the merrier! If more than one member of the family is registered here at Cambridge Dental, and all payments are made under one single direct debit, then the following discounts will be applied:

Two family members5% Discount

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