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Dental Emergencies

When the unplanned happens, trust in the expert care of Cambridge Dental

Toothache is often described as the worst pain one can suffer, not to mention the disruption it can cause to your life from being unable to eat, drink, sleep or work. It can arise for a number of different reasons from infection to trauma.

At Cambridge Dental, we understand how important it is to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible and restore it to a state of function and comfort. Our dentists will do everything possible to help you resolve your problem as quickly and with as little inconvenience as possible.


We have special slots reserved in our dentists’ diaries for same-day emergency appointments and we will welcome all patients that need urgent care, even if they are not registered with us.

We will endeavour to do everything we can at your initial visit but further treatment may be required in some instances. Although we can get you out of pain, the problem may require further attention to restore your health in a long-term manner, but this is something your dentist will make clear to you when they assess you.


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