Removing damaged teeth


Teeth need to be removed, or extracted, when they have suffered injury that renders them unrepairable, either due to dental decay, trauma or severe gum disease.

We will always conduct a thorough assessment of the tooth and your mouth before we present the option of removing the tooth as being the only viable option and we will also advise you on the ways we can close the gap that is created once the tooth is removed.

Our dentists are skilled at removing even the more complex and broken down teeth. We have diagnostic equipment like a CBCT scanner, with which we can take a very detailed scan of your tooth, any adjacent structures like nerves or sinuses, prior to removing your tooth, this allows us to plan how we can remove it as safely and traumatically as possible, even if the need for minor surgery is indicated.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Here, at Cambridge Dental, we have the expertise to remove wisdom teeth. They are often the cause of great and prolonged discomfort so if you need them out, come to us.

Wisdom teeth are regarded as the most difficult teeth to remove because they are often stuck or impacted behind the tooth in front. Between having the latest diagnostic tools, like a CBCT scanner to ascertain the exact position of the tooth in relation to important adjacent nerves and other structures, and the specialist oral surgery skills of our dentists, you can rest assured we can handle their removal.


We offer sedation services for those patients that are anxious about having a tooth out. Our dentists are additionally qualified to provide sedation. It involves administering a sedative medication to the patient, via a small drip placed in the hand or arm. Although you remain conscious throughout the whole procedure, it helps you feel calm and takes away any anxiety that you might otherwise associate with the procedure.


Should you wish to have the tooth that has been removed, replaced, the options available to you are: 

  • Dentures
  • Bridges
  • Implants

In most cases we can provide you with a temporary bridge or denture that is constructed prior to the removal of your tooth, and inserted as soon as it is removed so you do not have to suffer the embarrassment of a gap, even in the short term. Your dentists can discuss this in greater detail with you.

This procedure is conducted under local anaesthetic, or even sedation for our more anxious patients so that you remain pain-free and comfortable throughout.


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