Many patients are referred to Cambridge Dental for specialist treatments by their current dentists in and around the Cambridge area.

We pledge to work in partnership with you to ensure both the patient and you, as their dentist are kept up to date with their progress whilst they undergo treatment at Cambridge dental.

Thank you for your referral. If you fill out this form, we will contact your patient to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. We will of course do our best in the management of this case, and will keep you fully informed about the treatment of your patient.

Reason for Referral
(CBCT Only) Please specify X ray and/or field of view required for CBCT
(Radiographs Only) Please specify type of radiography required
Radiographs and most recent SPPC/BPE enclosed
Do You require a radiology report?
Costs -
OPG Report - £50.00
CBCT Report 5cm x 5cm - £100.00
Intra-Oral radiograph report - £35 for 2 images (£10 per image for additional images)


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