Treating infection

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the treatment of infection in the centre of the tooth.

Root canal treatment is the treatment of infection in the centre of the tooth.

Every tooth has a central nerve within it, which allows us to sense pain, pressure, and temperature. This central nerve sits in canals within the roots of the teeth. When the nerve of a tooth is damaged by tooth decay, trauma, or gum disease, it becomes infected and causes pain, sometimes swelling, making it difficult to eat, drink and sleep.

In such circumstances, the only treatment option to preserve the long-term health of the tooth is to perform a root canal, or endodontic, treatment.

We recognize that patients can often be nervous about having such treatment which is why we have dentists with special qualifications in endodontic treatment on our team. Because of their advanced skillset, success rates for such treatment are higher and they can treat even the more complex cases. We do also offer sedation, for those patients that wish to be even more relaxed during treatment, and this is something you can ask your dentist about.

We accept referrals from other practices for those patients that which to see a clinician with an advanced skill set in performing root canal treatment


It can often take just a single visit, but more complex cases may require 2-3 visits. You dentist can advise you how long your procedure will take when they assess you and your tooth.

The procedure is conducted under local anaesthesia and you will not feel anything during the procedure. It is a procedure performed with the intent to relieve pain so patients usually feel much better after it, having suffered much discomfort from an infected tooth before having treatment.

It will depend on the general health of the tooth. If there is enough tooth structure to build open once the root canal treatment has been performed, then yes. However, if there is not enough tooth structure to rebuild or if the nerve of the tooth is inaccessible for some reason, we may be unable to perform the treatment – it is something the dentist will assess before you commit to treatment.

We have a dentist on our team with advanced training in root canal treatment. That means he has almost a specialist skillset in providing root canal treatment and the chances of a successful treatment outcome are higher in comparison to that of a general dentist. He uses the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that he can obtain a clinically optimal result, especially in teeth with more complex root canal systems.


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