Align, Brighten and Bond

Smile Makeovers

Our most elite smile makeover package consists of a combination of 3 bespoke treatments, all working in sync to help you achieve your perfect smile.

The Treatment Journey


Firstly, we straighten your teeth with Invisalign clear aligner system. This part of the process takes between 3-6 months, re-aligning your teeth into a favorable position.


For the second stage, we whiten your teeth. Teeth whitening is the easiest and most effective way of improving the way your smile looks. It works through the application of a gel, worn in trays made especially for you, which works by interacting with the tooth surface to change its internal colour, and lightening the shade of teeth overall. We have 2 whitening options for you to choose from, and your dentist can discuss which one is best for you. Both systems are market leaders within the dental professional whitening industry and can help you achieve exactly the level of whiteness that you would like.


Finally, we bond to the teeth. Bonding is the process of applying tooth-colored filling material, known as composite, to the surface of the teeth to alter the overall shape size, and colour of the tooth and improve its appearance. It can make them look more uniform in shape and repair imperfections such as worn edges, chips, or stains. The composite can be placed over the whole front surface of the tooth, like a veneer, or just on the edges, known as edge bonding.
Apart from the obvious aesthetic advantages, its key benefits are:
- It is completely pain-free – no injections needed for the majority of cases
- It is conservative – the tooth does not need to be drilled or damaged
- It takes one visit to complete – so you get same-day results


Veneers are laboratory-constructed extremely thin shells of porcelain that are applied to the front of your teeth to alter the shape, colour, and appearance of them. They can also be used to correct minor discrepancies in the alignment of teeth. They will require some minor removal of the tooth structure to make space for the porcelain veneer to be attached, which is done at the first visit, followed by a second visit to attach the veneers to the tooth.


To achieve the perfect smile, it may be necessary to combine all three elements of the package. However, we will design a bespoke package for you based on what your teeth look like, and what you would like them to like. We need to design a smile makeover journey that is right for you and although that can sometimes be as simple as just whitening them, it may involve all 3 treatments.

Like with most cosmetic procedures, they will need replacement. Composite veneers tend to last for approximately 5 years and edge bonding tends to last for about 7 years but this is dependent upon the way you look after your teeth.

They can last for 10 years, but often last much longer with the right care and attention to cleaning and diet.

Composite bonding is done over a single visit whereas porcelain veneers take 2 visits – the porcelain veneers are constructed in a lab by a technician based on impressions of your teeth, which may have needed to be shaped to accommodate them.
Composite bonding is better for minor corrections in shape and structure of the tooth. Larger imperfections or discrepancies in alignment is better treated with veneers.
Porcelain veneers are also more costly as they involve the services of a lab technician.
Your dentist will best advise you on the best material for your teeth.


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