Restore damaged teeth

White Fillings

White fillings enable us to fix damaged teeth with a natural-looking filling.

Composite resin fillings or white fillings are now our most popular treatment option to restore a tooth to function and integrity. The main advantage of white fillings is their aesthetic appeal. White fillings are a natural-looking alternative to metal amalgam fillings. Virtually invisible in the mouth, white fillings make your teeth appear whiter and brighter than before with improved strength over metal restorations to prevent further damage and decay.

Sometimes, tooth decay cannot be seen with a visual check – typically because the damage has occurred between the teeth or below the gum line. This is why your dentist may recommend x-rays, as the images produced will provide a clear indication of any hidden decay.

A white filling has the ability to bond with the tooth making the finished combination much stronger. In addition, because of it’s excellent bonding capacity, less of the natural tooth structure needs to be removed.


When you find that your old fillings are starting to deteriorate, consider white fillings as a suitable alternative replacement.

Yes. Unlike amalgam, which is unsafe for pregnant women and individuals allergic to metal, white fillings are safe for nearly everyone.

During a filling, we need to remove the decayed tissue from within the cavity. For metal fillings, we often need to remove substantial tooth tissue to make room. However, composite is moldable to any shape. This means we will need to remove less tooth tissue, thereby protecting its structure and length of life.

Regular brushing and flossing with soft toothbrush twice daily
Do not use abrasive toothpaste
Reduce exposure to tobacco, smoking coffee, red wine etc
Do not rinse with mouth washes containing alcohol
Do not use your teeth for opening packages, biting thread, chewing ice, nail biting etc
Visiting dentist regularly for check-ups.


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