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Whilst we continue to offer remote consultations and telephone support, We are delighted to announce that further easing of COVID-19 restrictions means we have been able to reopen our practice.

We are phasing back treatments gradually and prioritising those who have urgent needs or are in discomfort. We therefore ask for your patience as we work through the build-up of requests we received whilst the practice was closed. Please call us to book an appointment or learn more about the added protocols being taken to protect the health of our patients and staff.

Please note, that if you require emergency treatment please phone us directly at the practice on 01223461381 so we can quickly advise on next steps.

Cambridge Dental: Leading Dentist in Cambridge

Health starts with the mouth. How we breathe, how we eat, how we communicate and the way we look, are all fundamental factors that affect our quality of life. Cambridge Dental, a leading dentist in Cambridge, offers a reassuring, professional and personal service on a private basis. We're dedicated to making sure that each individual patient receives the best treatment available and is comfortable throughout the process.

A Cambridge Dentist You Can Trust

Cambridge Dental has been caring for teeth and oral health since 1990. We are committed to providing personalised, patient-centred care, and have developed our services around the needs of the individual. We have a wide range of treatment options available to improve your oral health and your smile design. Choose a dentist in Cambridge that will go the extra mile. Choose Cambridge Dental.

A Cambridge Dentist Specialising in Preventative Dentistry

We believe in the power of preventative dentistry and are proud to promote the importance of oral hygiene. As a leading dentist in Cambridge, we will craft an appropriate oral health plan for you, then provide ongoing support and encouragement to ensure that this plan is maintained. Preventative dentistry can stop a small issue from becoming a big problem - so you need as little treatment as possible. Looking for a dentist in Cambridge that specialises in preventative dentistry? Look no further.

We Offer Treatments to Suit You

If you do need treatment with a dentist in Cambridge, we of course offer a full range of services. This includes repairing oral decay and damage, hygienist visits, orthodontics and a range of specialist treatments.

We also offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures. You can improve your smile design with Implants, White Crowns, Veneers and even Facial Aesthetics treatments. If you'd like to straighten your teeth discreetly, Cambridge Dental is proud to be the no.1 Invisalign provider in the UK, and the leading dentist in Cambridge.

Whatever your treatment, we will discuss each stage of the process with you beforehand, ensuring that you're satisfied and comfortable with everything involved.


Payment Plan
Student Discount
Dentistry and Osteopathy

Dentistry and Osteopathy

Conditions affecting the mouth and teeth have a very direct effect on the rest of the body. A dental or jaw problem may be preventing you from getting the best results from your osteopath or chiropractor.

Action for Minimum Intervention

Action for Minimum Intervention

Preventing dental problems and avoiding fillings is about understanding individual needs and susceptibility. Choice of toothpaste or mouthwash based on saliva type or dietary requirements can make all the difference.



If you have to wear dentures there is no need to compromise on appearance. Glamorous and natural looking teeth can be achieved with no discomfort and shhh... no-one else needs to know!

Are you happy with the colour and appearance of your teeth?

Tooth whitening is simple to do and effective at any age. Pre-treatment assessment by a dentist included in the price. Just drop in to arrange an appointment, no need to register.

Worn, damaged teeth?

Worn, damaged teeth?

Nature made tooth enamel strong enough to last a lifetime. Worn and broken teeth indicate an imbalance usually associated with stress, tooth grinding and clenching. Is it time to get your tooth-life balance restored?

Non-surgical face lift

Non-surgical face lift

Tired, strained muscles around the face increase wrinkles and make you look older. Bite correction and toning of tongue muscles can relax the face and take years off your appearance.

You're in safe hands

Above all, at Cambridge Dental we recognise that your oral health has a crucial impact on your general health, well-being and quality of life. We're proud to provide the best possible dental care so that the impact is both positive and comfortable.


"Good service."


"I have had an great experience at the Cambridge Dental so far. The receptionists Ly, Danielle and Tricia are very lovely and friendly. The hygienist Katie was extremely thorough and gave me lots of helpful tips. I highly recommend her. I saw the the dentist Stewart for a second opinion and he was absolutely brilliant in explaining everything very thoroughly and saved me from spending a lot of money from doing something I didn't need to do!"

Fahim Rochford

"Good friendly service."


"Great clinic. Fantastic staff, a very welcoming dental practice highly recommended."


"Everything was very thoroughly explained so I knew I was getting into. I got a filling here and it was done very professionally and promptly; it looks just like the real thing! I highly recommend Cambridge Dental."

Shiobhan Low

"I liked the dentist appointment."


"Very professional and thorough approach."

Andrew Bryce

"Very friendly and professional staff who give their best to make you comfortable throughout the whole process."

Edwin Sung

"Very clear feedback and advice. Very friendly approach.i feel very satisfied with the treatment. Excellent reception staff."

Joanna Morgan

"Really friendly practice, excellent service :)"


"Nice Christmas trees and facilities. Nice sofas."


"Brilliant staff, painless throughout the session."

Edwin Sung

"The whole dental team are always very welcoming and helpful."

Lisa Dummett