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We do lots of fabulous and transformative dentistry. But we also stay true to our core values which is that we need to look after the smile you have. We want you to let us look after you and your family’s general dental wellbeing.


We will start the check-up by getting to know you – what your concerns are, any problems you may be in the midst of, if and how you would like to change something about your smile, as well as your cleaning and lifestyle habits. We will conduct a comprehensive examination of the head, face and neck before we look inside your mouth, where we will conduct an oral health screening. This includes checks of your teeth and gums, as well as for oral cancer and other oral medical problems. We will also take photos and/or xrays to gather information as possible. Once we have collected this information, should we identify any problems or disease, we will speak to you about how we can help treat it, and give you all your treatment options and what they will cost.

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