Composite Bonding For Sensitive Teeth

Composite bonding has become an increasingly popular way to transform your smile. It involves the application of a composite resin material to your teeth to alter their appearance.
But the benefits of composite bonding aren’t just limited to making your smile look better.

Here are 3 ways in which it can actually make your teeth FEEL better and help with tooth sensitivity

1 – Helping with tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a common concern amongst our patients and although toothpastes, claim to help, they aren’t always as effective, and usually short-lived.
Tooth sensitivity is often caused by receding gums or enamel erosion, which exposes the softer, more sensitive part of the tooth called the dentine. When this happens, hot and cold temperatures can stimulate the nerve inside the tooth, causing discomfort. By applying a layer of composite resin to the affected area, the exposed dentine is covered, and the sensitivity is reduced or eliminated, in a longer-
lasting, much more reliable way – see examples of such a case below.

Composite bonding before and after photo

2 – Anti-ageing effects

As your smile gets older, it will show signs of wear and discolouration, which overall, can give the face an aged appearance. Composite bonding, often combine with tooth whitening can restore the shape and colour of the teeth to mimic a much more youthful profile – look at the results on the case below:

composite bonding before and after photo

3 – Cover up crooked, spaced or absent teeth

With the clever use of the resin material, we can create the illusion of straighter, more even teeth without the need to resort for braces in quite a lot of cases. The composite material is colour-matched to your teeth to create a natural and seamless finish, altering the appearance of the teeth and it can be as subtle or as profound as you need it to be – look at the case shown below.

composite bonding before and after photo

The procedure:

  • Usually takes a single visit to complete the work.
  • Can be combined with Invisalign and/or teeth whitening to makeover the
    whole smile.
  • Pain-free. No injections are needed to complete the transformation.
  • Non-invasive like crowns or veneers – are much kinder to the tooth and do not
    involve the need to shave them down.
  • Much more cost-effective than other procedures like Invisalign, crowns and
    porcelain veneers, even implants.

At Cambridge Dental, we take pride in bringing together the very best team. They are chosen specifically because they have the clinical expertise to deliver the highest standard of care.

Quality Dental

Composite bonding has become an increasingly popular treatment over the last few years and many dentists are providing it – but is the quality of their work as great as it may sound on paper? Here is what to look for when choosing a dentist for your composite bonding:

  • Training and experience – check their credentials and make sure they are
    appropriately trained and can do the work they are promising to.
  • Expert in their field – it is always best to go to a dentist who has specific
    expertise in the type of work you want done. If it is their particular skillset, they
    will do work of a higher standard compared to a general dentist with a wide
    range of general skills.
  • Portfolio of cases: A dentists that is great at what they do will have a large portfolio
    of cases, and before/after photos, to show you of their work. Ask to see the
    portfolio and evaluate the quality of their work. This will give you an idea of the
    dentist’s skill level and the kind of results you can expect.
    Check out Dr. Kish’s online portfolio of cases on Instagram at the link below:
  • Technology and materials – choose a dentist that uses only the best
    technologies and materials; this ensures that the work they do will be of
    the highest standard and produce longer-lasting, better-looking results. It also ensures that patient safety is always at the heart of what they do.

Reviews and Testimonials

Read verified patient reviews and testimonials online, to understand better the dentist’s reputation and professional track record.

Here is one of many patient testimonials about the care they have received from Dr. Kish:

Communication and patient care – this is very important – you need to
know that the care both the dentist and the practice provide is the very best.
Having such a lovely experience with Cambridge Dental, Dr. Kish Patel
is amazing and such a perfectionist, himself and the other staff made me
feel so welcomed, I could not recommended this dentist and of course
(Dr. Kish Patel) enough. He has done such a great job with my teeth
from the beginning and has always explained every appointment and
listened to what I want to achieve with my teeth. I can’t wait to
continue my process with Cambridge dental.” Lucia Simms

Here To Help

Both the dentist and his team should be able to answer questions openly and honestly, assist you in any way that they can always and help you deal with any concerns you have at any point during your treatment journey, including after, if you are unhappy with something.

Cambridge Dental and Dr. Kish Patel hope you will choose us for composite bonding in Cambridge.
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