Children’s Dentistry At Cambridge Dental

At Cambridge Dental, we are as committed to looking after your children’s teeth as much as we are yours. We believe that teaching them a good cleaning and diet habits from a young age. As well as normalising regular visits to the dentist can contribute hugely to them having a positive attitude both to the dentist as well as their own dental health. Children’s dentistry calls for a patient and gentle approach. Our primary aim is always to ensure that your child is at ease and completely comfortable 

It is very disheartening for us, as dentists when the first time a child visits the dentist it is because they are in pain and need to undergo treatment – from then on. It is quite obvious they are likely to develop anxiety about going to the dentist and about looking after their teeth in general, increasing their likelihood of suffering from oral health problems, like tooth decay.

Here are 3 tips for looking after your child’s dental health, and implanting these measures, together. We can ensure that your child grows up with a healthy mouth and reduce the likelihood of dental disease occurring.

  1. Get them booked in for a check-up

Children should visit the dentist from when their first tooth comes through. Not only can the dentist check everything is developing normally, but also allow them to get used to coming in to see us. They can get familiar and comfortable in the dental chair without adopting any anxiety about the process. 

It’s expected that they may not cooperate very well those first few visits but slowly, and surely, as they get more comfortable, they open their mouth much more happily. 

  1. Get them used to cleaning their teeth

They need to get used to using a toothbrush and toothpaste. Although we advise you to brush their teeth for them for the first few years to ensure a thorough job of the cleaning is done. We do think it’s a good idea to let them have to go doing it before you get in. A children’s toothbrush with a small head and softer bristles with a pea-sized amount of age-appropriate fluoride toothpaste are all you need. Make it fun, maybe singing a funny song or getting a toothbrush with their favourite character on it.

  1. Make sure they have a healthy diet

A diet that is both high in sugar and allows for frequent exposure to it increases the risk of tooth decay. It’s important to make sure your child has a healthy diet. Avoid processed foods as much as you can and be conscious of the ‘hidden’ sugar content within such foods. Baby pouches can contain an abnormally high amount of sugar, and snacks you think are savoury may still be high in sugar. Crisps, ketchup, and baked beans…all contain much more sugar than you think they do.

Of course, you can’t avoid or restrict sweets and treats as much as adults but it is advisable to consider how frequently they are being given them. A big bowl of ice cream straight after a meal is much better than one an hour later as it only counts as one sugar attack, rather than two. All in all, a shorter exposure to sugar. 

The team at Cambridge Dental can help you look after your children’s teeth. We offer affordable monthly plans that ensure both you, and we, commit to regular check-ups. We can make it a happy, positive and educational visit for children’s dentistry at Cambridge dental.

What You Can Expect From Us At Your Child’s Check-Up:

  • A full check of their teeth and mouth. We look both for how things are developing as well as for any signs of tooth decay and other abnormalities.
  • A check on how straight their teeth are as they get older. So that we can refer them to the orthodontist at the right time should they need braces.
  • We will spend time teaching them, and you, how best to clean their teeth.
  • Give you advice on dietary changes should they be indicated.
  • Place fluoride varnish on their teeth to help strengthen them and prevent tooth decay.

Most parents will opt to take their children to an NHS dentist as they are entitled to free treatment. However, as a private clinic, we have the luxury of time to spend with you and your family. Which means the visit is much more relaxed giving you, and us, to be as thorough as we can when conducting a check-up and giving you advice. 

So if you are looking for a Children’s dentistry in Cambridge. Then please call us to arrange an appointment, and we feel confident you and your little ones will leave smiling! We also offer emergency dentist appointments for children.