How to find a good dentist in Cambridge.

The do’s and the don’ts

Looking for a dentist in Cambridge? Here are a few tips to help you decide and share some industry secrets with you.

We look for good dentists to join our team in the same way that you might look for one to take care of you. It is a huge amount of trust to place in someone who comes at you with sharp instruments! And we know that when treatments are carried out by poorly trained, inexperienced or unregistered professionals. They carry a huge amount of risk, both personal and financial, and could actually lead to injury or serious illness.

We see and hear stories all the time of botched dentistry or cosmetic treatment that was carried out abroad or with products purchased over the internet. Like whitening gel, or even within beauty salons that falsely advertised their credentials. The cost of recovering from the damage could run into thousands and be quite traumatic. So, let’s all be smarter about who we let provide us with what is actually medical treatment.

So here is what we, and you, should look for when choosing a dentist and a dental practice.

Do: Check their professional credentials.

With our Dentist in Cambridge. We go to great lengths to obtain and verify the credentials of every clinician that works with us. Every clinician is fully registered, and they have the skill, training, and experience needed to provide the services they are. For example, our implant surgeons have placed a great many implants. They are also capable of managing care if things go wrong. They rarely do, but its good to know that they can be there for you and are committed to your care,. Especially when you need them the most.

Do: Check that the practice is registered with the General Dental Council and Care Quality Commission.

It is illegal to practice dentistry and provide dental services in the UK. Without being registered with both of these regulatory bodies. All our team’s GDC numbers are displayed on their profile so you can search for them using that as a reference on their website. The GDC is also the place you can report to if your concerned with the registration status of your dentist. Or are unhappy with treatment. The CQC regulates us as a service provider in the same way they do hospitals and care homes. They ensure that the practices and protocols we have in place meet national standards and protect both our patients and those who work for us.

Do: Find out about other patients’ experiences.

Of course, we will shout out about the great work we do on our social media platforms from our great dentist in Cambridge. But the authenticity of that great work is only reliable and trustworthy if it comes from the mouth, and smiles, of our patients. We work hard to get patients to leave us honest reviews and feedback. So that other potential patients can understand their experience, the treatment they had and how it made them feel. We also accept that sometimes we didn’t meet a patient’s level of expectation or they left feeling unhappy. Well we want to hear about that too, so we can continue to grow and get better. But again- that’s the mark of a good practice.

Don’t: Be afraid to ask your dentist for information about their experience and training.

Good dentists will be happy to share their qualifications and training. Able to talk openly and honestly about their level of experience freely. They will also be invested in a continuing professional development. They will demand much from their practice, in the form of new tools, technology and techniques and our dentists in Cambridge, know that the best quality care is a combination of great skill and great support in all those forms. So we work hard to invest in team training and technology to bring you the best and most innovative dentistry.

Don’t: let yourself feel pressured or rushed when making a decision about your treatment.

A good dentist will never make you feel either of those things. You should feel comfortable discussion your treatment with them – your options, the risks and benefits and the costs. You should not be afraid to ask questions and you deserve the courtesy and respect of having them answered. At Cambridge Dental, we make sure that you are always given the time and opportunity to obtain all the information you need to make a confident and comfortable decision.

Dentist in Cambridge

We work hard to provide a great service. our dentists in Cambridge always look forward to constantly see what else we can offer our patients, to make sure that we offer high quality, cutting edge dentistry in a comfortable, honest and caring environment. But don’t just take our work for it – come and see for yourself.

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