Emergency Dentist Cambridge

If you need a dental emergency appointment in Cambridge, then let Cambridge Dental help you.

We understand toothache can be so difficult to live with. Apart from having to put up with the pain, it can cause a lot of disruption to your day. Trying to work or look after children when you have severe toothache, and unable to eat or sleep, can be a bit of a nightmare.

Toothache tends to be worse in the mornings and can disturb your sleep. If you wake up with toothache, you need to call us straightaway, so we can arrange a same-day emergency dentist appointment.

How can you help Toothache at home?

Before you come in to see us, what can you do to help toothache? Take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, such as ibuprofen, as long as you are medically cleared to do so. Since swelling is one of the underlying causes of toothache pain, you should expect some temporary relief. Take all medication as directed.

Next, arrange an appointment straight away to see one of our dentists at Cambridge Dental. You can expect to have an in-depth consultation with one of our clinicians. It will start with a discussion of your symptoms and the history of your pain. This will be followed by a thorough examination of your teeth to understand what the cause of pain is. We will also take all necessary x-rays. then will conduct an investigation to collect all the information we need to reach a diagnosis. The dentist will then propose all the treatment options available to you and discuss which plan is best for you. All our dentists have advanced training and qualifications. They are more than just general practitioners which can give you the peace of mind that you are in the safest, and smartest, of hands.

Emergency Dentist Cambridge

The appointment itself will be for at least 45 minutes. So neither you, nor the dentist, are rushed. We can really spend time getting to know you and your teeth so they can help you get rid of your toothache.

You might need:

  • Medication – We may need to treat your infected tooth with painkillers and/or antibiotics. If you have a swollen face or jaw. Then you probably have a dental abscess so this might be the first thing we need to do to help ease your pain. We can dispense them to you straightaway so you do not have to go to the pharmacist.
  • Root canal treatmentIf the cause of the toothache is an infected nerve within the tooth. Then we may need to start root canal treatment to help relieve the pain. This is done under local anaesthetic so that you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. It does mean you need to return to have the treatment completed, to prevent tooth from getting re-infected. This is something we can organise for you on the day.
  • ExtractionSometimes, the only way to get rid of pain is to remove a tooth. This is something we wound not a suggest lightly. We have dentists that are fluent with oral surgery on our team. They are able to remove the most difficult of teeth quickly and comfortably.
  • FillingsIf the cause of your pain is due to a cavity or a broken tooth. Then we may advise a filling might be suitable and we can often do those on the day. We can get you smiling again.

Although we can treat toothache on the day. The tooth may need to undergo further work to ensure we have restored your mouth to state of health. We can discuss this with you and arrange further appointments, as you need. Even if you are nervous of the dentist, our team is patient, kind and has the time to take care of you.

Let Cambridge Dental be your emergency dentist in Cambridge. Book same-day appointments on-line or call us on 01223 461 381